To Wind or Not To Wind: The Pasta Eating Problem

This is the great pasta debate that keeps pasta eaters around the country asking the age old question, "To wind, or not to wind?" Li'l Rizzo's is here to solve your pasta conundrums! We have 23 different dishes featuring the best pasta at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we want to make sure you know how to properly eat and enjoy your pasta. Here are a few tips for eating these delicious noodles.

Fork or Spoon? Fork and Spoon?

As if eating pasta isn't complicated enough, some noodles are eaten with a fork, some with a spoon, and some with a fork AND spoon! If your pasta is served on a plate or in a shallow bowl (such as spaghetti and angel hair) you eat it with a fork. If it is served in a deep bowl (such as ravioli) you eat it with a spoon! The noodle length determines if you cut or wind the noodle. Thin noodles are wound around the fork tines, and you can balance the fork against the side of the plate or wind the strands with the spoon. If the noodles are wide (such as lasagna), you will cut them.

Fun Fact: It is not improper to suck your noodles into your mouth. It must be done quietly though!

Can I Cut My Pasta?

If you are in Italy you NEVER cut your thin noodles of pasta. It is easier, we'll admit, to cut your pasta with a fork and just grab little piece. If you cut pasta in it's homeland, it is one of the most horrible things you can do at the table.

Would You Like Some Cheese With That?

If you were eating your pasta in Italy, this is very dangerous territory; there are CLEAR rules to adhere to. The only real golden rule is that if the pasta contains any fish or seafood, cheese is forbidden! There are also plenty of controversies about this cheesy topic, but we're not in Italy, so you can do whatever makes your pasta eating experience the best! 

How do I eat the Meatball?

You will always want to cut your meatball into bite size pieces, but only one bite at a time. If your meatball is small you can cut it with your fork, if it is large you'll definitely want to use your fork and knife! Make sure that you get the fork well into the meat ball, since following scientific law, whatever flies off your plate will SURELY land on whatever will stain the worst.

When eating your favorite pasta dish at Li'l Rizzos, we hope these tips will make your dining experience even better! Our entire menu is fresh and homemade, providing the best dining at the Lake of the Ozarks! We have a delicious menu for catering, take out and dine-in. Whether you want to enjoy your meal in our fun restaurant, at home, or at a party, we are ready to serve you! We have been providing you and your family the best Italian at the Lake of the Ozarks for 28 years. We would love to see you for dinner tonight, and you can practice your new pasta etiquette!

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