DID YOU KNOW... 9 Fun Facts About Pasta

We're hearing a lot of reports about people getting really bored after spending so much time cooped up inside their homes. This is the perfect opportunity to pick up a new skill or learn something new you've always wondered about. 

To help with that, Li'l Rizzo's has some very interesting fun facts about pasta (our favorite subject) for you to learn in today's blog. We're willing to bet that you don't know at least half of these already. Read on and expand your knowledge about this versatile and amazing food! 

#1) Pasta = Paste?
Traditionally, many dried pastas are made of only two ingredients - flour and water. When combined they form a paste and the word "pasta" comes from the Italian word for paste. 

#2) Only one...
Spaghetti actually means more than one strand of this delicious pasta. If you ever need to refer to only one strand, the singular word for it is spaghetto.

#3) Hundreds of choices
There are approximately 350 different types of pasta (although some reports list it as more than 600 types) and around the world, there are about four times as many names for all of them! We don't serve quite that many at Li'l Rizzo's but we do cook up the best of them!

#4) Best foot forward
Rumor has it that before machinery was invented, pasta-makers would knead the tough pasta dough by walking over large batches of it. (Glad that's not necessary today!)  

#5) Chinese roots
Although pasta is most often associated with Italian food, the very first known dishes containing pasta were actually prepared in China, as early as 5,000 B.C, long before it made an appearance in Italy. 

#6) Saucy afterthought
Tomato sauce over pasta is an iconic combination for Italian food, but people ate pasta without it for thousands of years before bringing the two together. It wasn't until tomatoes were brought to Italy from Mexico that this was possible.  

#7) Diet with al dente
Pasta served al dente is not only the best-tasting way to enjoy it but also the most filling. This way it takes a bit longer to digest than overcooked pasta meaning you'll feel full longer and possibly snack less after you eat. 

#8) Spaghetti trees?
On April Fool's Day 1957, the BBC aired a "documentary" claiming that spaghetti grew on trees. The prank was a little too successful because millions of British viewers took the show seriously!

#9) Pasta = Happiness!
More than likely every time you enjoy a big plate of pasta you're automatically in a good mood. Turns out it's not just because of the taste. There is a scientific reason for this. The carbohydrates in pasta increase your body's production of serotonin which triggers feelings of happiness.  

Now you should be a bit more of an expert on pasta but more than likely, we've also made you hungry for the best Italian food at the Lake of the Ozarks. That's not a problem because both Li'l Rizzo's locations are currently open for curbside pickup to-go daily beginning at noon. 

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