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With Valentines Day behind us, many newly engaged couples are beginning to make plans for their big day. After all, there's much to plan, and not much time to make every detail perfect! After the venue and the bride's dress, the food is one of the biggest decisions you will make for your wedding, and we're here to help! Your wedding deserves the best Italian food at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we would be thrilled to share in your special day! Take a look at some of the delectable choices we offer that'll be the perfect meal for your big day!

Antipasto (Appetizers)
In Italian, appetizers translates to Antipasto. One popular item on the appetizer list is Crostini (lightly grilled slices of unsalted bread spread with chicken pate). Another popular item is Polenta (cornmeal flower based) and a selection of meats. When you do your catering with us, we have some delicious Toasted Ravioli, golden meat-filled ravioli sprinkled with parmesan and served with a side of meat sauce. Your guests will love these!

Primo Piatto (The Pasta Portion)
The Primo Piatto is the pasta course of the meal, following the Antipasto, but before the main course. Occasionally salads will be served instead. Pasta is a versatile meal, there are many combinations of shapes and sauces to pair up together. From the Ravioli con Vurro e Salvia (ravioli with sage and butter) to Perpedelle sully Lepre (ribbon pasta with hare). A favorite pasta dish at Li'l Rizzos is the Tortellini Alfredo, a delicious mixture of bacon, peas, and mushrooms in our thick cream sauce. This delicious course will be a sure hit with your guests.

Secondo Piatto (The Main Course)
This part of the meal is the official main course, it generally consists of meat or fish and comes after the primo piatto, but before the dessert. Many Mediterranean countries cannot celebrate an event without including meat as a part of the menu. They vary between beef, veal, rabbit, hare, wild boar and lamb. Generally a meat dish will also be served with a side of seasonal vegetables, fried, cooked in the oven or just simply grilled. We have a delicious Beef Soto that will delight all of your guests!

Dolci (Dessert)
If you want to offer more than just the traditional wedding cake, we've got some great dessert options to add to your wedding menu. Common desserts in Italy are ice cream (Gelati), tiramisu and a fresh fruit cake (Puff pastry covered with a layer of cream and fresh fruit). On our catering menu you can get tiramisu or a delicious chocolate cake.

Vino e Liquori (Wine and Digestives)
Obviously no celebration would be complete without a good quality wine, whether red or wine. We have a broad selection of House Wines, White Wines and Red Wines. Raise a toast to the bride and groom with an assortment of our quality wines.

Your Catering Specialists at the Lake of the Ozarks
Make sure you and your guests are fully satisfied on your very special day, and leave the catering to Li'l Rizzo's! Not only will you and your guests enjoy the many options we have to offer, but our catering specialist will ensure that you've got plenty for everyone by working closely with you to plan enough food to feed your family and friends well. Our Italian Catering at the Lake of the Ozarks is the BEST! You can check out our catering menu on our website. We'd love for you to give us a call and let us help you host a delicious Italian dinner for your rehearsal dinner and wedding day!

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