Name That Pasta!

There are a few central features to all good Italian. Tomatoes … basil … and PASTA! Okay, so maybe it’s just about the carbs because pizza is also pretty key - but pasta is essential. There are over 350 different types of pasta represented around the world. Here at Li’l Rizzo’s, we LOVE pasta! We may not have 350 different types, but we have our fair share, and every single one is filled with flavor. Here are a few things you need to know about pasta varieties, their shapes, and what kinds we have on our menu! PLUS, we have a little quiz at the end to test your pasta knowledge.

Why So Many Shapes??

The reason for so many different shapes is generally because of the different sauces that the pasta is served with. Many cooks insist that a thin sauce needs thin pasta - while thick sauce needs thick pasta! White sauces supposedly stick better to flat pasta, while red sauce sticks better to round noodles. Then there is stuffed pasta - which requires an entirely different shape all together! From penne to tortellini, there are so many different kinds of pastas to love, and like any good Italian, we will eat them all with gusto.

Featured Pasta Shapes at Li’l Rizzo’s

Our lasagna is homemade. 6 layers of pasta, meat sauce, ricotta cheese, and Italian sausage. Topped with a blend of mozzarella and Provel cheese then baked.

Spaghetti and Meatball
Spaghetti noodles and meat sauce topped with a homemade 6-ounce meatball sprinkled with parmesan cheese and parsley.

Fettuccine Alfredo
Wide, flat noodles in our homemade Alfredo sauce.

Baked Mostaccioli
Tubular noodles and meat sauce topped with our homemade Béchamel sauce and a blend of Italian cheeses baked to perfection.

Large pasta tubes stuffed with ricotta cheese then topped in a creamy red sauce of our traditional Italian Béchamel and Marinara then baked.

Cavatelli Con Broccoli
Shell shaped noodles, mushrooms, and broccoli in our creamy homemade Alfredo sauce.

Cajun Shrimp
Succulent shrimp, yellow onion, red and green bell peppers all sautéed in extra virgin olive oil and fresh chopped garlic. Served in linguine noodles in a Cajun Alfredo Sauce.

Cannelloni Con Bianco
2 large pasta tubes stuffed with beef and pork. Served in a creamy Béchamel mushroom sauce.

Tortellini Alfredo
Ring-shaped pasta filled with beef and pork in our homemade Alfredo sauce with peas, bacon
and mushrooms.

Chicken Modiga
Lightly breaded, charbroiled chicken breast, over a bed of angel hair pasta topped with mushrooms, chopped garlic, bacon and melted Provel cheese in a white wine lemon butter sauce.

Do You Know Your Pasta?

Do you think you know your pasta?? Take a look at this photo and see if you can guess them all! The answers are below - don’t peek!

1. Tortiglioni
2. Fusilli bucati
3. Campanelle
4. Conchiglie (shell)
5. Chifferi
6. Farfalle (bowtie)
7. Bucatini
8. Fusilli
9. Spaghetti
10. Cocciolette (little shells)
11. Cellentani
12. Penne
13. Cavatappi

We’ll be honest, we were trying to stump you ;).

The Best Pasta at the Lake of the Ozarks

If you’re looking for some delicious Italian comfort food at the lake of the Ozarks, stop by Li’l Rizzo’s. We have a little bit of everything, from amazing pasta to cheesy pizzas. If you want something special to wash it down with, we have a great bar with chilled wine and ice cold beer. Stop by and watch the game this weekend why you dine! We’ve got televisions scattered around the restaurant so you never miss a minute. We look forward to serving you!

Lake of the Ozarks BEST Italian Food and Sports Bar! 

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