Pizza Personalities

Everyone has their own favorite type of pizza. Whether you like plain cheese pizza or like to load it up with meat and vegetables, Li'l Rizzo's has you covered! Whether you’ve thought about it or not, your preferred pizza topping actually says something about your personality type. According to Medical Daily, “Eating preferences can be a doorway to your personality”. This makes sense because taste is so intricately connected to the central nervous system. The best Italian restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks has done some research and has put together a list of what pizza toppings say about your personality. Check it out below and see how accurate it is for you.

Plain Cheese Pizza

Reliable, Steadfast, Concerned, Easy-Going, Non-Judgmental

If you enjoy a simple pizza, then it could mean you take pleasure in the simple things in life. What’s wrong with just cheese and sauce? Nothing! There’s no problem if you don’t want any toppings on your pizza. Your plain preference shows that you know how to stand your ground and you’re not afraid to stick to your guns. Liking plain cheese pizza doesn’t mean you’re predictable, it just makes you dependable.

Pepperoni Pizza

Caring, Uncomplicated, Fun, Outgoing, Trustworthy

Pepperoni is probably one of the most popular pizza toppings. If you’re a pepperoni fan, you are more than likely someone who cares deeply about your loved ones. Your friends and family may be drawn towards you because you don’t like “drama”. You also have a tendency to work hard and often times you don’t give yourself enough credit.

Veggie Pizza

Sensitive, Secretive, Surprising, Introverted, Idealistic

A lot of people love fresh vegetables, so it makes since to load your pizza with fresh veggies. A veggies lover may be sensitive, but not in a bad way. You have easy access to your emotions and there’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t necessarily tell the world what you’re feeling, sometimes you like to keep things inside. A veggie pizza lover also likes to look on the bright side of things and they’re always searching for the positives. You place great value on relationships and you are always there for your friends and family.

Hawaiian Pizza

Laid-Back, Self-Confident, Quirky, Courageous, Happy

Some people love the mix of sweet and savory on a Hawaiian pizza. This topping choice shows that you have a laid-back approach to life and you don’t get bogged down with worry or anxiety. You’re also comfortable with who you are as a person. As a Hawaiian pizza lover, you are achievement-oriented and you’re a natural leader. You’re always up for trying something new.

Meat Lovers Pizza

Brash, Proud, Outspoken, Confident, Supportive

Nothing makes a statement quite like a pizza loaded up with as much meat as humanly possible. Your meat lover’s preference shows that you are loud and proud. You tend to be vocal about your feelings and opinions, and you have nothing to hide. You have a strong sense of pride for your family, your nation, or your accomplishments. You love who you are and all that you have achieved so far. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that!

Regardless of your favorite pizza topping and what it says about your personality, Li’l Rizzo’s has a pizza for everyone. If pizza isn’t you’re thing, the best Italian Restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks has many delicious items on our menu. Don't forget about our all day Happy Hour on Sundays! 

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