Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Adults

Halloween is just around the corner! At the best Italian restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks, we have a spooky Halloween offer. On October 31, enjoy $20 off on all carryout orders of $40 or more. Whether you are staying home and passing out candy, hosting a Halloween party or you are needing a delicious bite to eat before going out, Li'l Rizzo's is the perfect option for your Halloween dinner. If you are wanting to be a little crafty this year, Lake of the Ozarks' favorite Italian restaurant has put together five easy DIY costumes.

1. Ghost

This traditional Halloween costume is a favorite DIY option. The ghost costume couldn't be more easy to make either. Get a plain white sheet and cut out eye holes. Just make sure they're lined up right!

2. Witch

A witches outfit can be a simple or creative as you want. If you have a black dress, just pair it with a pointy black hat and a broom. A black hat can be made out of foam board and hot glue. Cut out a circle for the brim of the hat. Roll up form board to make the point of the hat and cut away the excess foam. attach the brim and the top portion together. Decorate it with some ribbon or tulle. The broom can be created with a long stick or dowel rod, bundle of twigs and twine. Gather the twigs around the stick and tie together with the twine and secure it with hot glue.

3. Tourist

A tourist can be a really fun costume that will make you want to go on a vacation to the tropics! Men, put on a Hawaiian shirt and some cargo shorts, pair with a fanny pack, camera around the neck and a baseball hat. Women, get out those Bermuda shorts and button down shirt, pair with a fanny pack, camera and possibly a Margarita. You'll have a blast taking funny photos all night long!

4. Ladybug

If you have a red dress, you are half way to a great costume! Add black dots to your dress and pair with a headband that has pipe cleaners on it for the antenna.

5. Mummy

No you don't need a whole bunch of toilet paper for a great mummy outfit. Instead get a bunch of white fabric either from a t-shirt pack or old white sheets. cut long strips of fabric that are about two to three inches wide. It's OK if they're not all the same size, mummies aren't perfect! put on a white outfit and wrap the fabric around your body, legs, arms and face (of course leaving your mouth and eyes exposed.) tie the ends together and you've got yourself a mummy!

Get Ready For Halloween!

It's almost Halloween and Lake of the Ozarks' favorite Italian restaurant cannot be more excited! We are offering a spooky deal just for Halloween. On October 31, enjoy $20 off all carryout orders of $40 or more. If you want to order online use promo code "Boo". We look forward to seeing you this Halloween!

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