Pokémon Go Takes Over Li'l Rizzo's

In case you haven’t noticed, Pokémon Go is rapidly taking over the lives of people everywhere! This popular game has certainly left its mark at Li’l Rizzo’s. We’ve had tons of Pokémon sightings and we even have PokéStops and gyms near our Osage Beach location! Do you want to “catch ‘em all?”  Stop into Lake of the Ozarks’ best Italian restaurant and our owner, Bill Borders, may even jump into action to help! If you don’t know what Pokémon Go is, where have you been? Players explore the town and catch Pokémon using their phones.

Recent Sightings of Pokémon at Li’l Rizzo’s

Li’l Rizzo’s on Horseshoe Bend has a ton of different Pokémon for diners to catch. (They must love our food!) You may even find some evolved Pokémon while enjoying your favorite meal. Here are just a few of the different Pokémon that has been sighted lurking around our menu & at our bar:


Weedle is a bug/poison Pokémon and has an acute sense of smell. It is capable of telling apart its favorite kinds of leaves to eat from the kinds it doesn’t like just from sniffing them. Wonder if it can smell the difference between a merlot and a cab!


Kakuna was sighted at Li’l Rizzo’s. However, it can also be evolved from Weedle using 12 Weedle Candies. This bug/poison Pokémon clings to trees and remains nearly immobile, but on the inside, it is busy preparing for its evolution, which is evident from how hot its shell becomes.


This bug Pokémon has an insatiable appetite as it can devour leaves bigger than itself in a matter of seconds. Caterpie releases a very strong odor from its antenna; don’t worry, though, it won’t ruin your appetite while you catch Pokémon and eat!


This particular Pokémon has a very unstable genetic makeup that suddenly mutates due to the environment in which it lives. Eevee can evolve into a water, electric or fire Pokémon.


During the day, this grass/poison Pokémon absorbs nutrients by burying itself in the soil. The more fertile the soil, the glossier its leaves becomes. They also must really like our pizza, as we can’t keep this one away!


Pidgey is a common sighting around the Lake of the Ozarks. It has a very sharp sense of direction and can find its way home no matter how far it travels. This flying Pokémon does travel a lot as it has been seen at our Outlet Mall location as well!


Although Pidgeotto can be evolved from Pidgey with 12 Pidgey candies, it has also been seen at Li’l Rizzo’s horseshoe bend location and near Li’l Rizzo’s at the Osage Beach Outlet Mall. Be careful around this Pokémon, as it is known to be very territorial of its home, but don’t worry just catch this Pokémon and come on in!

PokéStops and Gyms

If you are out playing Pokémon Go and run out of Pokéballs, don’t worry! Li’l Rizzo’s in Osage Beach is located next door to the Osage Beach Outlet Mall, which is home to many PokéStops, gyms and of course Pokémon. The west entrance to the Outlet Mall is a PokéStop, so make sure you stop by it before making your way into the restaurant.

If You’re Out Playing Pokémon Go, Stop by Li’l Rizzo’s

If you are out “catching ‘em all,” stop in to the best Italian Restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks. You’ll catch a lot of Pokémon here! Enjoy a drink out on the deck at our Horseshoe Bend location or celebrate a victory at our Osage Beach location after battling at the gym. Don’t forget about Happy Hour, which is Monday through Friday from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., and enjoy half price appetizers and drink specials.

Lake of the Ozarks BEST Italian Food and Sports Bar! 

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