Some of the World's Most Bizarre Pizza Toppings

Pizza has been around for hundreds of years, if not longer, and through that period of time has changed many different style and tastes. While it started out as a flat bread topped with oil and herbs, it has now originated into a international phenomonon that many love, and even eat on a weekly basis. At Li'l Rizzo's, we offer many specialty pizzas, with toppings that are desigend to go together, but we also offer a customizable option. You can select from the items on our list to create a pizza that is perfect for you. Today we're going to learn about pizza toppings that are popular in many different countries around the world!


They take breakfast very seriously in England, and when you go over there, you might just find a breakfast pizza! Topped with tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, sausage, bacon, baked beans, cheese, and don't forget an egg sunny-side-up! Such fun way to start the day!


While a pizza at a specific restaurant may look normal at first, you'd never guess the type of meat they serve on top! While it may look like slabs of steak on this pizza pie, it's actually horse meat. Not sure if that's going to be tasty or not, but I think we'll stick to our sausage and pepperoni.

Costa Rica

Are you looking for a tropical theme for you pizza? In Cosa Rica coconut is consistently the most preferred topping on their pizza, followed by shrimp. Chicken and coconut would probably make a very delicious pairing, what do you think?


If you don't have a weak nose or stomach, you could try Russia's pizza toppings. It's called Mockba and is complete with sardines, tuna, mackeral, onion, salmon, and red herring. You probably wouldn't be able to get by without brushing your teeth after this meal!


Need a little spice in your life? Try a tandoori chicken or mutton pizza with pickled ginger and paneer (like cottage cheese). Make a pizza crust out of naan, put on your favorite Bollywood movie, and enjoy.


While we've never tried putting peas on our pizza, in Brazil it's quite a favorite. If you add carrots, quail eggs, beets and raisins to that thin crust - you'll have a meal fit for a king!


Pizza Africana is a popular topping combination in Sweden, and while we would never have thought of it, it could be pretty tasty. Imagine peanuts, bananas, chicken, pineapple and loads of curry powder. This is also known as banana curry pizza.

United States

Well, this may not be a thing in the United States, but it sure is here - gummy bears! On our kid's menu, you'll find a Gummy Bear Pizza. This six-inch cheese pizza comes with a side of gummy bears. Put those gummy bears on top of the pizza and watch them melt across! This could be one of the coolest toppings yet.

Best Pizza at the Lake of the Ozarks

At Li'l Rizzo's, we have a large menu full of amazing foods, from our delectable pizza's, to our divine pasta dishes. Our family-friendly Lake of the Ozarks restaurant is a wonderful place to come spend the evening around the dinner table, enjoying eachothers company. We are also a great place to watch the game at the Lake of the Ozarks with many TVs scattered around our restaurant. No matter what type of pizza you're craving (as long as it's not horse...) we cant' wait to make it for you!

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