The Pasta Popularity Contest

Pasta is delicious, nutritious and oh so amazing! As the best Italian restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks, we love our pastas! In fact, we have over 23 different dishes that feature pasta. With so many different styles, flavors and varieties, we were curious about the top favorite styles. After extensive research, and possibly extensive eating, here are our results for the most popular pastas!

7. Angel Hair

This long, thin noodle has a round shape. It's generally used with light sauces and vegetables, as well as traditional Italian sauces. It may resemble spaghetti, but it's finer. We personally LOVE Angel Hair at Li'l Rizzos, and you'll find it in many of our pasta dishes!

6. Lasagna

Lasagna comes from the Lain word for "pot" (lasanum). This long flat pasta is pretty popular in the scheme of pasta life. You'll find the lasagna pasta used in the lasagna dish, layered with sauce, meat, vegetables, cheese, etc.

5. Manicotti

Manicotti is a "tube" pasta. It can be stuffed with a mixture of meats, cheese and vegetables. This makes a delicious meal!

4. Macaroni

This pasta shape is HIGHLY versatile! These much loved pastas can be topped with many different sauces. It can be baked, put in soups, salads and stir-fry. Traditionally it's used for macaroni and cheese, but we think it's tastes good no matter where you use it!

3. Rotini

This spiral-y, twisty pasta is delicious and comes in 3rd place for popularity! The twisted shape allows for it to hold bits of meat, vegetables, cheese and sauce. It works well with any sauce or it can be used to create salads, casseroles, or really anything else you would like!

2. Farfalle (Bow Ties)

This butterfly pasta brightens up any meal with this fun shape! It can be a great pair with any sauce, and a perfect addition to salad or soups!

1. Spaghetti

The number one favorite pasta, and winner of the pasta popularity contest is spaghetti! Not only is it extremely well known, but is featured in many movies. Spaghetti is long, moderately thin, and is most common with a red meat sauce and meatballs!

Any pasta is popular to us, we love them all! Of course we don't just specialize in pasta at Li'l Rizzos! We have pizza, sandwiches, burgers and more! That is part of what makes us the best restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks, but it could also be because we have an excellent environment. We have two restaurants, one in Osage Beach, and one on Horseshoe Bend. Both venues are great places to sit down and enjoy a delicious dish of pasta and swap stories with friends. Come in this weekend for a good time and some great pasta!

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