What Does Your Favorite Pizza Say About You?

It's National Pizza Week!! Everyone has their own favorite type of pizza. Whether you like plain cheese pizza or like to load it up with meat and vegetables, Li'l Rizzo's has you covered! Our restaurants offer the BEST pizza at the Lake of the Ozarks! In honor of National Pizza Week, we decided to do a little research and put together this list of what your favorite pizza says about you!

Cheese Pizza 

If you enjoy the simplest of all pizzas, you take pleasure in the simple things in life, not taking anything for granted. As a cheese eater, you have a lot of friends and you would do anything for them. You often put others before yourself and you love volunteering or working with charities. You might not have the courage to speak up when necessary because you don't like confrontation. You may also have a fear of change. Other qualities of yours include: 
  • Easy-Going
  • Kind
  • Non-Judgmental 
  • Intelligent
  • Smart

Pepperoni Pizza 

If you like your pizza covered in just pepperoni or any other single-meat topping, you're fun-loving and well-liked by almost everyone! You're friends always come to you for problem solving and you're always giving a helping hand. You have a tendancy to work too hard and often do not give yourself enough credit. You like to spend time with your family and friends, and would rather stay in for a movie night instead of going out to some fancy nightclub. You can be shy at first, but once someone gets to know you...watch out! Some other personality traits of yours include: 

  • Dependable
  • Easy-Going 
  • Trustworthy
  • Kind 
  • Outgoing
  • Feisty 
  • Fun 

Macho Meat Pizza 

If you like to pile you're pizza with every type of meat out there, then you love being the center of attention! You love to make people laugh. You work hard and play even harder. You know how to be the life of the party, but don't always know when it's time to get to work. As a meat lover, you like to challenge authority and push boundaries, making you a great entrepreneur. Some other qualities you might have include: 
  • Very Fun 
  • Extroverted 
  • Over Zealous
  • Cocky 
  • Selfish

Supreme Pizza

If you like a little bit of everything on your pizza, you have a zest for live and love doing anything and everything out of the ordinary. Supreme pizza fans are always ready for what may happen next. You are not afraid to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and you have a lot of friends. You tend to get bored easily and sometimes have a slight temper. Other personality traits include:   
  • Very Adventurous
  • Fun 
  • Spontaneous
  • Very Easy-Going
  • Loveable
  • Care-Free

Veggie Pizza 

If you prefer only vegetables on your pizza, you like to look on the bright side of things and are always searching for the positives. You place great value in relationships and are always there for your friends and family. You are very understanding and are a great listener. You tend to place to much pressure on yourself to be perfect and care too much about what others may think of you. Other qualities you might posses include: 
  • Idealistic
  • Humble
  • Introverted
  • Caring 
  • Sensitive
  • Empathetic
  • Shy
  • Clingy
  • Charming 
  • Somewhat Gullible

Hawaiian Pizza 

If you prefer Hawaiian or other exotic pizza toppings, you're always down to try something new! You're achievement-oriented and are a natural leader. You place a great emphasis on the work you do and strive for recognition from others. Additional qualities of yours may include:  
  • Sophisticated 
  • Worldly 
  • Courageous
  • Happy

Chicken Pizzas

If you like BBQ Chicken pizza, you're the life of the party. If you like the spiciness of Buffalo Chicken pizza, you like the adrenaline rush that comes with it! Chicken lovers also posses the following qualities:   
  • Opulent
  • Risk-Taker
  • Driven 
  • Competitive 
  • Assertive

Li'l Rizzo's have a pizza to fit everyone's personality!  If your results don't match up, consider trying something new next time you're at one of our Lake of the Ozarks Italian restaurants. Don't forget Thursdays are the best days to get pizza. All small 10 inch pizzas, up to 5 toppings are only $8 every Thursday!  Stop by and see us today! 



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