Test Your Knowledge on Mizzou Football

On New Year's Day, the Mizzou Tigers and the Minnesota Golden Gophers will battle for Citrus Bowl supremacy! A win for the Tigers would break the school record for most wins in a 2-year period and would make the 2014 team only the 4th in MU history to win at least 11 games. Mizzou has won it's last 2 bowl games and a win in the Citrus would give MU its first 3-game bowl win streak since Mizzou won 3 straight in 1973, 1978 and 1979. In anticipation of the big game, Li'l Rizzo's thought it would be fun to challenge you with a little Mizzou Trivia!

1. In 1890, Mizzou played it's first football game against whom?

A. Kansas
B. Nebraska
C. Washington University
D. Illinois

2. In 1907, the University of Missouri was a founding member of what athletic conference?

A. Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Association
B. Big Seven Conference
C. The Big Ten
D. The Big Eight

3. What is the Missouri Tigers' Mascot's name?

A. Truman
B. Tommy
C. Terry
D. Tony

4. What is the worst defeat by points that the Missouri Tigers had during the 20th century?

A. 69-0
B. 77-0
C. 56-0
D. 49-3

5. Who replaced coach Don Faurot when he retired in 1956?

Photo From: MissouriNet.com
A. Frank Broyles
B. Dan Devine
C. Al Onofrio
D. Chauncey Simpson

6. Hall of Fame coach Don Faurot was the inventor of what in football?

A. The Wishbone Offense
B. The I Formation
C. The Nickel Defense
D. Split-T Offense

7. In 1978, the Missouri Tigers traveled to Nebraska and won 35-31. What year was the next Tiger victory over Nebraska?

A. 1983
B. 2003
C. 1992
D. 1988

8. Which of these former Missouri Tiger players has the most super bowl rings?

A. Chase Daniel
B. Tony Galbreath
C. Eric Wright
D. Johnny Roland

9. What player quarterbacked the Missouri Tigers in the 1997 Holiday Bowl?

A. Chase Daniel
B. Corby Jones
C. Brad Smith
D. Brad Perry

Photo From: MizzouMagArchives.Missouri.edu
10. In 1990, the Colorado Buffaloes beat the Tigers due to which of the following?

A. Bad Officiating
B. A Fifth Down
C. Both
D. Neither


1. C - Washington University
2. A - Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Association
3. A - Truman
4. B - 77-0
5. A - Frank Broyles
6. D - Split-T Offense
7. B - 2003
8. C - Eric Wright
9. B - Corby Jones
10. C - Both

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