More Than Pasta & PIzza - Check Out Our Delicious Burgers & Sandwiches

It's no surprise to anyone that's dined at Li'l Rizzo's Italian restaurant that we serve the best pasta and pizza 7 days a week. It might come as a bit of a surprise to many that we also offer the best burgers and sandwiches at the Lake of the Ozarks for lunch every day. Since that's not typically the first item a person orders at an Italian restaurant, there are still quite a few of you that need to branch out to other sections of our extensive menu.

Today we're giving you a closer look at our incredible burgers and sandwiches. Once reading these descriptions and seeing these irresistible photos makes you good and hungry, head on over to one of our Lake of the Ozarks restaurant & bar locations and give one of these magnificent menu items a taste!  

Li'l Rizzo's Burgers & Sandwiches

It will interest you to know that the buns we use for our delicious burgers and sandwiches are baked locally by a specialty bakery. The following items are available daily from 11:00 am-3:00 pm. 

Most of these menu items are served with our homemade fries or chips but you may choose to substitute a small version of our famous house salad for a small additional charge. The menu offerings at each location may differ slightly.

An 8-ounce ground chuck (fresh, never frozen) burger served on a ciabatta bun. Add cheese for a small upcharge.

Rizzo Burger
Our 8-ounce ground chuck burger topped with sautéed onions, mushrooms, bacon, and melted Provel cheese, served on a ciabatta bun.

Italian Sausage Sandwich
Link Italian sausage smothered in meat sauce and melted mozzarella and Provel cheese, served on a hoagie with chips.

Hot Italian Sub
Italian roast beef, smoked turkey breast, and pastrami served hot on a ciabatta bun with our house dressing, melted Provel cheese, and green onions. Served with chips.

Meatball Sandwich
A homemade 6-ounce meatball smothered in meat sauce plus melted mozzarella and Provel cheese. Served on a hoagie with chips.

Sausage & Peppers Sandwich
Sauteed Italian sausage, onion, and red & green bell peppers all smothered in marinara sauce plus melted mozzarella and Provel cheese. Served on a hoagie.

Tuscan Chicken
Tender sliced roasted garlic chicken smothered in a blend of mozzarella and Provel cheese, served on a ciabatta bun with a side of tomato and red onion. Served with chips.

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich
Hand-breaded, deep-fried chicken tender topped with marinara sauce, baked mozzarella, and Provel cheese. Served on a hoagie with chips.

Look Out For Daily Specials

In addition to the many different types of sandwiches on our regular menu, we offer a daily lunch special that is often a new type of sandwich. The most popular ones always show up again at some point. In the past, our specials have included an Italian Burger, Chicken Philly, French Dip, Philly Roast Beef, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, and many more.    

Be sure to ask about our specials when you come in or call to place an order to go. If you follow us on Facebook, each restaurant usually makes a post about the specials they are running each day.

The next time you find yourself hungry around lunchtime, head on over to Li'l Rizzo's Italian Restaurant in Lake Ozark or Osage Beach for one of these incredible sandwiches or a thick, juicy burger. Of course, if you're more in the mood for the best pizza and pasta at the Lake of the Ozarks, we can easily take care of that craving for you too! 

(*Disclaimer: Li'l Rizzo's food and beverage items are subject to change at any time and may not be available at both locations.


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