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3 Reasons to Dine at Li'l Rizzo's

Everyone loves a home-cooked meal, but not everyone likes preparing it or cleaning up after it. So why waste time that you could be spending with your family? Dining out has its benefits, and Lake of the Ozarks' best Italian restaurant wants to share with you some reasons to come dine out with us! 1. There's No Messy Clean Up. While some people may enjoy cooking, does anyone actually like doing dishes? The worst part about preparing a home-cooked meal is the cleanup afterwards. Not only do you have the dishes you ate off of, but you have the pots and pans and utensils that you used to cook everything. After you've slaved away creating a great meal for your family to enjoy, the last thing you want to do is spend more time in the kitchen cleaning up that mess. When you come to our Lake of the Ozarks restaurant, we take care of the dishes and the mess for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your meal! 2. You Can Please the Picky Eaters. Do your children see

Plan Your Next Event with Li'l Rizzo's Catering Services!

With spring here, there's plenty of planning going on for many upcoming occasions. One thing you don't want to wait til the last minute for is to decide on who to have cater your event. At Li'l Rizzo's, we offer a wide range of menu items to make your party great. From wedding rehearsal dinners to corporate events and private parties, we can cater them all! Reasons to Hire a Caterer It practically goes without saying, but if you’ve never hired a caterer for your event, here are a few reasons that you may want to consider it this year! Once you try us, you’ll never go back! Save yourself some time Make a statement Save money Provide a versatile menu Reduce your stress level Create a great atmosphere Cooking for a crowd can be a challenge Catering Menu Our catering menu features delicious appetizers, your favorite pastas, and even meal combinations. Create a menu your guests will be sure to LOVE! From appetizers to desserts, we have it all. We offer part

5 Reasons You Need Li'l Rizzo's Happy Hour in Your Life!

It goes without saying that Happy Hour is one of the greatest times of the day, but we're gonna say it anyway. Not only is it a great way to relax after a long day at the office, but it's a great way to meet new people and network. At Li'l Rizzo's, we have the best happy hour at the Lake of the Ozarks because of our delicious half price appetizers and drink specials. There are more reasons to love it, though! Check out these 5 reasons you NEED Happy Hour in your life! Hang Out With Your Coworkers Outside of Work Have you wanted to get to know your coworkers apart from work? Happy Hour makes this possible! Get the team together and come out to either of our two locations, the Osage Beach location by the outlet mall, or the Horseshoe Bend location for a great time. Share a few drinks in a nice, relaxed location, and maybe you'll find that the stresses of the day melt away, and you can start the next day fresh and ready to go. Save Money All of our appetizers

Week Day Specials You Don't Want to Miss!

We love giving our customers more than just great food when they come in. That's why we do our best to provide excellent service and even better deals that they'll appreciate! At the  best Italian restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks , we offer several week-day specials that you don't want to miss out on. Heads up: some of these specials won't be around for long! Check out the fantastic specials we're running now through the end of April at Li'l Rizzo's! Wing Ding Tuesday Wing Ding Tuesday is back for a limited time, so be sure to come in and try our award-winning wings for only .50¢ each with a minimum purchase of 6 wings. At  Li'l Rizzo's , we have four delicious wing sauces you can enjoy. Original - Tossed in a buttery hot sauce. Mojo - Tossed in a Tangy BBQ sauce. Dirty - A dry mildly spiced wing. Italian "Award Winning" - Marinated in our house dressing, baked and tossed with parmesan cheese and crushed in red peppers.

Hire Li'l Rizzo's to Cater Your Wedding Day Dinner!

With Valentines Day behind us, many newly engaged couples are beginning to make plans for their big day. After all, there's much to plan, and not much time to make every detail perfect! After the venue and the bride's dress, the food is one of the biggest decisions you will make for your wedding, and we're here to help! Your wedding deserves the best Italian food at the Lake of the Ozarks , and we would be thrilled to share in your special day! Take a look at some of the delectable choices we offer that'll be the perfect meal for your big day! Antipasto (Appetizers) In Italian, appetizers translates to Antipasto. One popular item on the appetizer list is Crostini (lightly grilled slices of unsalted bread spread with chicken pate). Another popular item is Polenta (cornmeal flower based) and a selection of meats. When you do your catering with us, we have some delicious Toasted Ravioli, golden meat-filled ravioli sprinkled with parmesan and served with a side of me