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Top 10 Popular Pizza Toppings

Pizza is one of those foods that pretty much everyone loves, so it's a great choice for feeding the family any day of the week! I mean just think about that cheesy goodness. Who wouldn't want that? The type of toppings to put on it though can often be a big debate. Cheese only vs lots of stuff. Meat vs Veggie. So who wins? What toppings are actually the most popular? Keep reading to find out! Top 10 Popular Pizza Toppings A recent survey among more than 20 US cities shows what Americans say are their favorite pizza toppings: Pepperoni Mushrooms Onions Sausage Bacon Extra cheese Black olives Green peppers Pineapple Spinach Did your favorite topping make the cut? If not, that's okay, because at  Li'l Rizzo's  we have so many more toppings to offer you than just these.  Li'l Rizzo's Pizza Toppings  Our  Italian restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks  offers a wide variety of pizza toppings, from hand-cut, fresh vegetables to premium meats

5 Cater Worthy Events To Hire Li'l Rizzo's For

Let's face it. The most important part of planning any event is having great food for people to indulge on. Whether you’re hosting an Easter brunch or planning a family reunion, why not serve the best Italian food at the Lake of the Ozarks ? At Li'l Rizzo's , we take pride in the food we serve in our restaurant, as well as the food we provide in our Do It Yourself catering. If you thought the food in our restaurant was delicious, you've got to try it catered! Here are just a few of the many events Li'l Rizzo's can cater. Business Meetings Business meetings don’t have to be boring, especially when  Li'l Rizzo's  is involved! Whether you're doing a lunch meeting or you're just wanting to treat your employees,  Li'l Rizzo's  is here to help! The  best Italian restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks  can help your employees kick the Monday blues or help them celebrate the weekend a bit early on Friday. Holidays There are plenty of

4 Convenient Ways You Can Order Li'l Rizzo's

The Chiefs are on their way to the Conference Championship games! The Kansas City Chiefs will host the AFC title game for the first time in team history. We know this is a game you won't be missing, but have you thought about your game day meal? At  Li'l Rizzo's , we offer several different ways to order the  best Italian food at the Lake of the Ozarks ! Which will you choose to use for game day? 1. Call & Pick Up Nearly all of us have our cell phones within arms reach. Whenever you're craving  Lake of the Ozarks' best Italian food , just pick up the phone and dial the nearest  Li'l Rizzo's ! If you're near Osage Beach, just dial 573-302-1500, or if you're near Lake Ozark, dial 573-365-3003, and in no time your cravings will be cured. 2. Order Online Have you ever been sitting at your computer desk, listening to the rumble in your stomach, but just not sure your sub-par leftovers from last night will do the trick to fill you up? Now y

5 Appetizers to Tackle During Divisionals

We're coming into week two of the Playoffs and things are really starting to heat up! With week one - Wildcard round closing out with AFC wins from the Colts and Chargers and NFC wins from the Cowboys and Eagles, we're looking at the week two divisional round lineup, and boy are things going to get interesting! Check out this weekend's lineup and make plans to order some of our tasty appetizers for your Divisional Party! Divisional Round Lineup  Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs, Jan. 12, 4:35 (NBC) Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams, Jan. 12, 8:15 (Fox) Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots, Jan. 13, 1:05 (CBS) Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints, Jan. 13, 4:40 (Fox) 5 Appetizers to Tackle During Divisionals Loaded Potato Skins Score a touchdown with our scrumptiously loaded potato skins. These potato“cups” filled with bacon, green onions, provel and mozzarella cheese, served with sour cream, are the perfect filling finger foods that pai

Watch the Wildcard Games at Li'l Rizzo's

What a week it's been in NFL! As we entered week 17 with 9 of the 12 playoff spots locked up, 6 teams were fighting for the remaining 3 spots. Not to mention, 3 divisions were still up for grabs. With plenty on the line, this week was guaranteed to be a nail-biter. Don't miss any of the post-season excitement. Li'l Rizzo's has multiple big screens and will be playing all Playoff games for your viewing pleasure! Chiefs Lock Up 1st Seed in AFC Division Week 17 was an exciting finale to the regular season, setting the stage for January and February football, and April's draft. The Chiefs left nothing to chance on Sunday afternoon, snuffing out any hope the Raiders might have had, piling up the points and blasting their way to the first overall seed in the AFC and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Here are the official Playoff Standings: 2019 NFL Playoff Standings AFC Bracket 1. Kansas City Chiefs (12-4) 2. New England Patriots (11-5) 3. Houston