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Pasta & Pizza PLUS... So Much More!

We proudly serve the best pasta & pizza at the Lake of the Ozarks 7 days a week. That should come as no surprise for an Italian restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks.  What may surprise some to know is that, in addition to the expected menu items from Li'l Rizzo's Italian Restaurant , we've got quite a few other delicious dishes for you too! Here's a closer look at the many fantastic flavors we've created to keep you full, happy, and always anxious to try something new.  The Obvious - Pasta! All of your favorite pasta dishes can be found on the menu, each made with fresh ingredients and homemade sauces. From Spaghetti and Lasagna to our unique Cajun Shrimp Pasta and Creamy Chicken Mostaccioli, you'll have a lot to choose from.  We even give diners the option to customize our pasta with a wide variety of meats, vegetables, and sauces. You can choose to have a dish baked too and we even have gluten-free pasta available to order.  Sandwiches & Lunch Special

Kids On Spring Break? Bring Them to Li'l Rizzo's!

Spring begins this Sunday and many schools are either on spring break right now or will be soon. Make a part of your family's spring break plans a trip to Li'l Rizzo's Italian Restaurant . (Actually, this break is 7 days long, giving you plenty of time to enjoy our f amily-friendly restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks more than just once!)  There are 2 Li'l Rizzo's locations to choose from, the atmosphere is always welcoming, and most importantly, our menu features an incredible variety of different types of food. That means you're sure to find something to please everyone, from pasta to pizza to sandwiches and more!  Fantastic Foods to Please All Ages The best pasta & pizza at the Lake of the Ozarks comes out of the kitchen daily at Li'l Rizzo's, plus a whole lot of specialty appetizers, amazing entrees, and a kids' menu that is simply irresistible. You'll find all of the classic pasta dishes you would expect, both the "usual" an

The Reviews Are In & Li'l Rizzo's is Very Much Loved!

 Here at Li'l Rizzo's Italian Restaurant , we love reading reviews left by our diners across the internet. Those reviews help us to better understand what a truly satisfying dining experience is from a customer's point of view. Each individual experience tells what is currently working well and where improvements can be made at our Italian restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks .  These same reviews are also extremely helpful to people that have not yet dined with us. Finding out what others like about Li'l Rizzo's can help them decide whether our pasta & pizza at the Lake of the Ozarks is something they will also enjoy.  Here are some of our latest customer reviews from various sites around the internet. Let's see if they match what you look for in a dining establishment.  Li'l Rizzo's in Lake Ozark " We stopped in after the home show for a beer and appetizer. The service at the bar was fast and friendly! Food was very tasty! Beer was cold! 👍👍

What We're Craving This March at Li'l Rizzo's Italian Restaurant

March is here, bringing with it the lovely days of spring, St. Patrick's Day, and for you sports fans out there, March Madness. It also brings out new cravings for us at Li'l Rizzo's Italian Restaurant . Here's a closer look at some of the delicious dishes we're thinking about right now at our  Lake of the Ozarks Italian restaurant . We're willing to bet that once you read about these irresistible foods, you'll be craving them too!    Italian Chef Salad Many of you have already fallen in love with Li'l Rizzo's "World Famous" House Salad, filled with a blend of iceberg and romaine lettuce, diced red peppers, green onions, Provel cheese, Parmesan cheese, and our homemade red wine vinegar-based creamy Italian house dressing. For one of your meals in the near future, you might consider upgrading that amazing house salad to our Italian Chef Salad.  In addition to the fantastic flavors the house salad already contains, we add sliced pastrami, Ita