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Li'l Rizzo's Declares National Li'l Rizzo's World Famous House Salad Day!

Today, March 26th, is actually Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. So Li'l Rizzo's is declaring National Li'l Rizzo's World Famous House Salad Day ! Anyone that has tried our amazing salads will tell you, it's definitely worthy of it's own holiday. It didn't get the title of "World Famous" for nothing. Our Lake of the Ozarks Italian restaurant just wouldn't be the same without it! What Makes Our Salad So Special?  At L i'l Rizzo's , we use only the freshest quality ingredients. To make our "world famous" salad, we start with crispy iceberg and romaine lettuce. Next we mix in some diced red peppers and green onions. Then comes both provel and parmesan cheeses. Finally we toss the mixture in our delicious house dressing! You can enjoy our salad on the side of your meal or as the meal itself. You can even add some chicken if you like. Our salads come in small, medium or large. Take it to-go or dine-in at either of our Lake

It's National Ravioli Day!

It's National Ravioli Day and Li'l Rizzo's Italian Restaurant offers some of the BEST Italian food at the Lake of the Ozarks . In honor of this day, we would like to explain more about "ravioli" and a few of the most common types you'll see in Italian restaurants at Lake of the Ozarks and across the country. What is Ravioli?  The word "ravioli" refers to all kinds of filled Italian pasta where a thin layer of dough wraps around a filling. Ravioli are either boiled and dished out with sauce, or served in broth. The pasta layer, generally egg-based and rolled into a thin sheet, serves as more than an enclosure - it overextends around the filling and binds with the sauces or the broth. Common fillings may include meat, cheese, vegetables and vary greatly between the countless regional recipes. Special types of deep fried sweet ravioli also exist - a long known tradition. Types of Ravioli Ravioli gets its shapes, names, and fillings based upon

8 Italian Foods You Won't Find in Italy

Italian food is a favorite around the world! However, those "Italian dishes" can vary a lot. When the first wave of Italian immigrants came to America, they couldn't get good-quality olive oil, the right produce or arborio rice, however, they had plenty of cheese and meat. They built on traditional dishes to create new ones with what they had available. The result was a hearty, delicious cuisine that has never seen the light of day in the land that inspired it. An article on features some Italian foods you won't find in Italy. However, you're sure to find these favorites at your Lake of the Ozarks Italian restaurant ! 1. Spaghetti and Meatballs Spaghetti and meatballs are perhaps the most popular "Italian" dish outside of Italy. However, it is very rare to find spaghetti pasta served with meatballs in Italy. Meatballs are almost always served on their own. The most popular theory holds that the recipe was invented by poor Italian immi

How do you REALLY pronounce Mostaccioli?

Pasta is a favorite among people around the world. Various pasta dishes are served in Italian restuarants all over, but the origin of some of the words can make them hard for us to pronounce. Let's take the word "Mostaccioli" for example. How do you really pronounce this delicious type of pasta? Li'l Rizzo's is here to shed some light on the confusion! Pronunciation of Mostaccioli  The dictionary pronunciation is: mô stä′c̸hē ō′lē. However, this version may be a little easier to understand: muss-tah-chee-OH-lee. Definition of Mostaccioli  Pasta resembling a short tube with slanted ends. It is a type of penne pasta which resembles ziti. The pasta also somewhat resembles little mourstaches. Origin of Mostaccioli  In Italian, mostaccioli is the plural of mostacciolo , cake bun, from Latin mustāceum , cake made with must, from mustum. Description of Mostaccioli  Mostaccioli is actually a type of penne pasta. In Italy, penne are produced in two