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Celebrate National Lasagna Day at Li'l Rizzo's

Today is National Lasagna Day. What better way to celebrate this delicious dish than coming to your favorite Italian restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks ? Although the origins of how this day began is unclear, we are sure glad it exists! To celebrate this day, Li’l Rizzo’s has scoured the web to find the best fun facts about this traditional Italian dish. Fun Facts About Lasagna Lasagne is the noodle used to create lasagna. It is a wide, flat pasta shape and it's thought to be the oldest noodle. Lasagne is actually the plural form of lasagna. However, when people say the word lasagna they refer to it as the singular form. Lasagna is Garfield’s, the famous orange cat, favorite dish. He has been known to say that “lasagna [is] nature’s perfect food!” – we agree! The lasagna dish was created in the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy Traditionally, the dough used to create the lasange noodles in Southern Italy was prepared with semolina and water. However, in the northern

Pokémon Go Takes Over Li'l Rizzo's

In case you haven’t noticed, Pokémon Go is rapidly taking over the lives of people everywhere! This popular game has certainly left its mark at Li’l Rizzo’s . We’ve had tons of Pokémon sightings and we even have PokéStops and gyms near our Osage Beach location! Do you want to “catch ‘em all?”  Stop into  Lake of the Ozarks’ best Italian restaurant and our owner, Bill Borders, may even jump into action to help! If you don’t know what Pokémon Go is, where have you been? Players explore the town and catch Pokémon using their phones. Recent Sightings of Pokémon at Li’l Rizzo’s Li’l Rizzo’s on Horseshoe Bend has a ton of different Pokémon for diners to catch. (They must love our food!) You may even find some evolved Pokémon while enjoying your favorite meal. Here are just a few of the different Pokémon that has been sighted lurking around our menu & at our bar: Weedle Weedle is a bug/poison Pokémon and has an acute sense of smell. It is capable of telling apart its fa

For the Love of Italy – 4 Fun Facts about Italian Food

This may come as a surprise, but we love our Italian food. Ok, so it may not be a secret, but it is true, and many American’s seem to love it as well. We did a little research on Italian food and we thought to share some of the interesting facts that we found about the nation that inspired the best Italian Restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks : 1. Italian Wine Wasn’t Always Good For many years, Italian winemakers were thinking of quantity over quality. Thankfully, in the 1970s, Lucio Caputo, an Italian Trade Commissioner in New York, pushed the American media to give Italian wine another chance, which made Italian winemakers improve their product. In the 1980s winemakers started using better methods for the wine-making process. This dramatically increased the demand for better quality, Italian made wine. In the 1970s, Italian wine represented just over 18 percent of the U.S. imported wine market and by the 1980s, it represented roughly 55 percent.   2. Pasta Can Be Ove

4 Tips for Hiring the Best Catering Company

There are many reasons you may need a catering company. From weddings to business meetings, the best catering company at the Lake of the Ozarks can help. Usually, the first step in hiring a caterer is figuring out what kind of menu you need for your event. After you get that figured out, you will need to hire a company to make it happen. There are many steps involved in hiring someone to manage the food for any event. Li'l Rizzo’s created 4 tips to make this process easier: 1. Sample the Food This is probably the best part about hiring a catering company. If you sample the food ahead of time, it will allow you the opportunity to see if you actually like the type of foods you picked out and you will be able to see how it is presented. If you need to change anything, now’s the time to do it, so be honest with your feedback. 2. Review in Person If you meet in person, it will reduce the chances of miscommunication. You will also get a chance to see how everything i